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Background Check Louisiana Services

Louisiana Background Check: 7 LA BG Check Services in 2024

Hang on to your headgear, people because today is the day you've been waiting for! Are you prepared to set off on an exhilarating expedition into the domain of background check in Louisiana? 

We're not merely scratching the surface here but delving profoundly into a vast sea of knowledge. So, prepare yourself for a harsh reality check. Delving into public records in Louisiana is no walk in the park. It's more akin to searching for that tiny needle in an enormous haystack.

But fret not, we have your back. Our carefully chosen array of superior background check services will transport you on an enchanting journey, furnishing you with precise information quicker than you can utter "background check extravaganza!"

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7 Best Background Check Louisiana Services 

What is a Louisiana Background Check?

Are you prepared for an exhilarating journey through the realm of background checks, Louisiana style? This is no ordinary investigation; it's a pulse-quickening roller coaster ride through the domains of state and federal public records. With just a person's name, phone number, or email at your disposal, you gain access to a wealth of information.

Get ready for rapid exploration of personal insights, career and educational trajectories, potential familial and social affiliations, travels to various locations, encounters with the law in criminal and court documents, understanding sex offender status details, glimpses into the virtual world of social profiles and even a glance at property ownership.

But hang on! Attempting to navigate this thrilling labyrinth manually is akin to searching for a mythical creature in an enormous haystack. Have no fear, adventurer!

For precise historical information, Louisiana background check services are your go-to choice. These fearless allies utilize the identification details you furnish to embark on a grand expedition through their extensive repositories, which hold an abundance of federal and Louisiana public records. 

Their victorious return yields a well-arranged, exhaustive background check dossier for effortless perusal and distribution among your fellow adventurers. Ready yourself for an unparalleled escapade!

  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Full name
  • Social media profiles
  • Financial assets
  • Educational background
  • Career history
  • Age
  • Civil court records
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Weapons permits
  • Photographs
  • Professional licenses

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How to Run a Louisiana Background Check?

You are faced with a choice of two paths: one burdened with obstacles and red tape, the other offering ease and swiftness. The former entails navigating through government buildings, filing document requests, and sorting through reams of forms. It's an odyssey of perseverance and stamina, akin to conquering a vast maze.

Step into the domain of online people search platforms, where BeenVerified holds sway. Imagine this: with a few keystrokes, you possess the means to acquire information. Simply input your desired subject's name, location, or even phone number. Then witness the might of reverse email lookup tools as they unveil enigmas concealed within email addresses.

Once you have provided essential details to the Louisiana background check service, the wheels of exploration will set in motion. It might require some patience, but be assured that a plentiful trove of genuine data awaits you. Prepare to be enlightened by truths revealed right before your eyes.

How Can I Access Public Records in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Public Records Law grants public access to most public records in Louisiana. This legislation guarantees citizens the right to acquire copies of these records from state and local government agencies. Below are the procedures you can use to obtain access to public records in Louisiana:

  • Identify the record: Identify the particular official document you wish to acquire. This may encompass records like legal documents, land records, state agreements, assembly notes, and additional files.
  • Determine the custodian: After determining the specific record you require, locate the governmental department or establishment responsible for upkeep such records. For instance, if you’re seeking property documents, you should contact the Clerk of Court or the assessor's office in the parish where the property is situated.
  • Make a written request: In Louisiana, submitting public record requests in written form is mandatory. Craft a clear and detailed request specifying the records you wish to access. Provide specific information such as dates, names, or any other relevant details to aid in locating the records efficiently.
  • Submit your request: Kindly forward your written inquiry to the records keeper using postal mail, electronic mail, or facsimile. The contact details for the pertinent department are frequently available on their authorized site. Remember to keep a duplicate of your inquiry for your own records.
  • Await response and potential fees: The custodian is legally required to address your inquiry within a reasonable timeframe, typically spanning from a few days to several weeks. Should the records be easily accessible, they can promptly furnish them to you. Nonetheless, certain records might necessitate more time for retrieval or the careful redaction of sensitive information. In accordance with the law, the custodian may also levy charges for copying and furnishing the records.
  • Review or appeal the response: Upon receipt of a reply, examine the given documents. If you come across any problems, like being refused entry or facing exorbitant charges, you’re entitled to challenge the ruling. Refer to the Louisiana Public Records Law and adhere to the specified protocols for contesting a rejection.

It’s crucial to emphasize that although the majority of documents are accessible to the public, there could be specific exclusions, like records safeguarded by privacy regulations or confidential law enforcement materials. Nevertheless, these exemptions are typically restricted, and you’re entitled to seek clarification if your access is declined.

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Louisiana Background Check Laws


The FCRA, passed in 1970, aims to safeguard consumer data gathered and disseminated by CRAs. It regulates the nature of information CRAs can disclose and governs recruiters’ use of certain details from pre-employment background checks.

CRAs are prohibited from disclosing arrest records that didn't result in convictions and are older than seven years. This time limit also applies to other types of data surpassing a seven-year threshold, including civil judgments, liens, lawsuits, collection accounts, and bankruptcies.

An exemption concerning salary limits is integrated into the FCRA's seven-year rule. This regulation doesn't pertain to positions offering salaries exceeding $75,000 annually. Furthermore, the seven-year restriction doesn't extend to criminal convictions; CRAs can divulge such verdicts regardless of their timing.

The FCRA does not place limitations on the disclosure of other significant details, such as the work history, educational background, or professional qualifications of candidates.

Recruiters in Louisiana planning to carry out pre-employment background checks are obligated to furnish written notice to applicants beforehand. Prior to conducting a pre-employment background investigation in Louisiana, applicants must give explicit written consent.

In the event that unfavorable findings surface on a pre-recruitment background check report, recruiters must adhere to the adverse action protocol outlined in the FCRA before basing any hiring decisions on said information.

It’s crucial to note that the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) strictly prohibits the use of background check services that do not meet its rigorous compliance standards. This regulatory structure ensures the protection of individual rights and serves as a safeguard against unauthorized use or mishandling of personal data.

Title VII

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids bias founded on the safeguarded traits of candidates and staff members. This regulation is relevant to every aspect of the job association, encompassing the recruitment, assessment, and recruitment procedures. The (EEOC) is responsible for upholding Title VII.

Title VII pertains to pre-recruitment scrutiny that exposes criminal records in Louisiana. According to the guidance given by EEOC to recruiters, they should evaluate conviction documents independently concerning the roles for which they’re recruiting before choosing not to recruit an applicant based on their criminal past.

It’s vital to highlight that abiding by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is crucial when using background examination services. FCRA establishes precise standards and rules to protect individuals' confidentiality and guarantee that background verifications are carried out in an equitable and legal manner, endorsing openness and answerability within the sector.

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How Far Back Does a Background Check Go in Louisiana?

The FCRA imposes a seven-year retrospective limit that partially regulates the extent to which Louisiana background checks can delve into the past. Details regarding arrests without resulting convictions, civil lawsuits, civil judgments, liens, collection accounts, and bankruptcies exceeding seven years cannot be disclosed.

In cases where recruitment offers involve annual salaries of $75,000 or more, the time constraints set forth by the FCRA do not hold sway.

Conviction records are reportable irrespective of their vintage. Similarly, other categories of data, such as work experience, educational background, and professional qualifications, can also be reported without regard to their age.

What Can You Find With a Background Check Louisiana?

Prepare for the incredible wealth of data waiting to be discovered in a Louisiana background check. By utilizing reputable people search platforms such as TruthFinder or Intelius, one background check report reveals a vast array of relevant information about an individual's history.

Personal Information

The initial step in any background check report is the section containing personal details, which is crucial for verifying the identity of the person under scrutiny.

This section typically includes essential information such as the individual's name, age, date of birth, any alternative names used, and visual representations via photographs. The thorough compilation of this data establishes a solid groundwork for dependable and precise background check.

Jobs and Education

Delving deeper into the vetting procedure, the next level of investigation reveals vital information concerning a person's academic and professional achievements. This includes significant particulars about their schooling and university experience and an extensive account of their past work commitments. 

Nevertheless, it's crucial to stress that using this data for checking potential employees or tenants must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), guaranteeing just and legal utilization.

Possible Relatives and Associates

A critical element of the background check document, this segment centers on pinpointing potential relatives, companions, and associates linked to the person under investigation. By delving into these connections, you gain a valuable understanding of the individual's social network, providing a more extensive outlook on their personal and work-related associations.

Intriguingly, when performing a background check on a family member, you could chance upon your own background check report, revealing an intriguing convergence of data.

Contact Information

The Louisiana background check report includes a substantial segment specifically focused on contact information to enhance its practicality in business settings.

This section serves as a valuable asset for people carrying out background checks within the business domain by furnishing them with phone numbers and email addresses. 

By utilizing this data, individuals can actively follow up on opportunities, create avenues for communication, and cultivate successful professional connections within Louisiana's sphere.

Criminal Records

Conducting a thorough investigation in Louisiana requires delving into the state's law enforcement and judicial records to obtain details about criminal activities and arrests. These vital sources yield crucial data such as the nature, time, and place of committed offenses.

Additionally, they furnish important case references and court designations, facilitating a comprehensive review of any legal actions involving the relevant individuals.

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Property Information

Within the domain of evaluating an individual's financial status, this segment stands out as an immensely advantageous asset. It encompasses a wide array of vital data points essential for assessing someone's financial position.

These encompass detailed information on presently possessed assets, property taxation documentation, transaction figures, real estate values, home loans, car possession details, VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers), and beyond. The accessibility of such extensive and varied data equips individuals to form well-informed assessments about someone's financial predicament.

Related Links

Exploring this category unveils a plethora of data in the shape of web pages associated with the person you’re seeking. These pages consist of various origins, including social media accounts, news articles, individual webpages, and online journals, providing valuable perspectives into the individual's digital footprint and public interaction, if applicable.

How Long Does a Background Check Take In Louisiana?

The duration for completing a Louisiana background check varies depending on the method you choose. Opting for a reputable people search service like BeenVerified enables you to obtain a single background check report within minutes, allowing unlimited checks with comprehensive outcomes.

Conversely, pursuing the manual approach by reaching out to various state agencies and educational establishments can be time-consuming. For instance, according to the Louisiana State Police, processing a fingerprint-based background check request may take up to 21 days.

7 Best Services for Background Check Louisiana

Delving into the realm of conducting background checks in Louisiana presents a plethora of opportunities with the leading seven providers.

Examining each of these services closely provides valuable perspectives into their unique capabilities and distinguishing characteristics, enabling us to identify the optimal selection for particular background check requirements.

BeenVerified – Best Overall for Background Check Louisiana

BeenVerified logo

BeenVerified proudly stands as a reputable provider of background checks in Louisiana, leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of thoroughness. Their wide array of search choices covers Louisiana criminal, court, and public records, empowering users to understand an individual's history comprehensively.

By utilizing access to billions of Louisiana public records and reliable information sources, BeenVerified assures their reports' utmost precision and reliability. At the core of BeenVerified's triumph is its dedication to user contentment.

Their platform is crafted with user-friendly navigation, allowing individuals from all walks of life to conduct searches and easily delve into carefully produced reports. BeenVerified presents adaptable pricing options such as cost-effective monthly subscriptions and convenient pay-per-search alternatives, ensuring accessibility for individuals and businesses with diverse budgetary considerations.

Apart from its advanced technology and easy-to-use interface, BeenVerified prioritizes providing outstanding customer support. The well-informed team is easily accessible to handle any questions and issues that may come up while conducting background checks.

Whether users need help in optimizing the platform's features or understanding the information in the reports, BeenVerified goes the extra mile to offer dependable assistance and ensure a smooth user experience.

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PeopleLooker – Best Background Check Louisiana for Fast & Accurate Results

Looking for thorough background checks in Louisiana? Your search ends at PeopleLooker, a reliable provider offering an invaluable solution. Focusing on conducting searches within Louisiana public records, this service provides users with essential details about individuals, encompassing their criminal past and contact information.

What sets PeopleLooker apart is its unmatched access to a wide range of Louisiana's public records, including criminal and court records from various sources. By utilizing this extensive database, PeopleLooker delivers comprehensive background check results that surpass those of many competitors.

Crafted with user convenience as the top priority, the platform offered by PeopleLooker features a user-friendly interface that ensures effortless and intuitive navigation. This means even individuals or businesses with limited expertise in background checks can easily explore the platform and acquire the necessary information they seek.

PeopleLooker provides a range of customizable pricing choices designed to suit diverse requirements and financial plans. Renowned for their cost-effectiveness, their price structures are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses with different budgetary limitations, ensuring that a wide range of users can access their background check services in Louisiana.

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TruthFinder – Best Value for Money

TruthFinder has solidified its position as the foremost authority in conducting background checks in Louisiana. Setting itself apart with a user-friendly interface, the website allows effortless searches using names, phone numbers, or email addresses. 

TruthFinder consistently provides detailed information on individuals by harnessing extensive and carefully curated sources of Louisiana public records. The standout feature of TruthFinder is its advanced dark web monitoring tool, granting unparalleled access to concealed data that eludes ordinary internet searches.

Offering a transparent pricing model at $28.05 per month or a discounted rate of $46.56 for a 2-month subscription, TruthFinder emerges as the ultimate choice for thorough and dependable background checks in Louisiana.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use TruthFinder or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. TruthFinder does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)"

Intelius – Best Louisiana Background Check Service for Accuracy

This renowned service for nationwide people search has gained recognition for its exceptional precision in delivering outcomes. Get ready for an exciting revelation because Intelius functions much like its equivalent, touting an extensive repository containing more than 20 billion public records, a genuine reservoir of data on individuals across Louisiana.

But it doesn't end there! Intelius provides its services at a marginally more budget-friendly rate compared to TruthFinder, offering a monthly subscription priced at a reasonable $24.86. If you choose the 2-month plan, your cost will be just $46.56.

It presents an outstanding opportunity to utilize a service that closely mirrors the capabilities of TruthFinder, albeit minus the dark web monitoring feature. Are you eager to discover more? Dive into our comprehensive review of Intelius and get ready to be enthralled by what awaits.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use Intelius or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Intelius does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)"

Instant Checkmate – Best for Louisiana Background Check Service for Speed

In search of the ultimate in swift background checks within Louisiana? Your quest ends here with Instant Checkmate, dedicated to fulfilling your every need. This exceptional background check facility prides itself on its unparalleled convenience, delivering rapid results that will truly amaze you.

And there's more! Instant Checkmate sets itself apart by offering a fantastic mobile app, a rare gem among other background check services in Louisiana. Get ready for an absolutely stunning experience as Instant Checkmate utilizes its extensive collection of government records to provide you with unmatched precision in background information.

It's important to note that this service leans toward the higher end of the price spectrum, coming in at $35.12 per month. However, fear not, dear friend, as Instant Checkmate compensates for the absence of a 2-month plan by offering an attractive alternative, a 3-month package priced at $84.28.

Instant Checkmate offers more than just rapidity. It boasts of protecting your confidential data, establishing a stronghold of protection for your background check pursuits. Delve into further particulars and explore through our Instant Checkmate assessment, where additional disclosures anticipate you.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use Instant Checkmate or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Instant Checkmate does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)"

Spokeo – Best for Louisiana Background Check Service for Reverse Email Lookup

Picture a universe where a mere email address is a gateway to revealing an individual's history. Introducing Spokeo, the unparalleled email search leader poised to support you in your Louisiana escapades. 

Whether you're engaged in corporate investigations or lead generation, Spokeo is your reliable ally. But that's not all! Spokeo's expertise goes beyond email lookup, providing name, phone number, and physical address searches. It's the answer to all your Louisiana background check requirements.

And get ready for an enjoyable surprise: Spokeo flaunts some of the lowest monthly subscription fees, starting at just $19.99. Seeking an even better deal?

Their 3-month plan is available at a pocket-friendly $44.85 price tag. Embrace the potential of Spokeo and uncover the mysteries concealed within email addresses by delving into our comprehensive Spokeo review to reveal its complete enchantment.

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US Search – Best for Louisiana Background Check Service for API Integration

US Search conducts background checks that prioritize simplicity and convenience. Its quick start wizard makes the process of running background checks a delightful experience. Additionally, US Search sets itself apart from its competitors with an exceptional refund policy, ensuring your satisfaction.

You might question the simplicity of its web interface, which some may consider basic. However, do not worry because sometimes simplicity holds tremendous power, particularly when it comes to basic background checks in the captivating realm of Louisiana.

Furthermore, US Search anticipates your requirements for multiple searches or long-term plans. For just $19.86 per month, it offers access to its wealth of resources without causing financial strain.

Therefore, if you seek further insights into this remarkable service, explore the US Search review and uncover its marvels.

>> Run a Background Check Louisiana with US Search >>

DISCLAIMER: You may not use US Search or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. US Search does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)"

Louisiana Public Records Search - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common inquiries regarding background check in Louisiana. These queries may assist in addressing any uncertainties that remained unresolved earlier.

Can I Get a Free Background Check Louisiana?

Completing a background check in Louisiana presents a considerable challenge involving navigating extensive data. The task of locating reliable service providers offering high-quality background check reports without charge is daunting.

Encountering a complimentary background check service in Louisiana calls for careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the information's trustworthiness and precision.

In practice, gaining access to the comprehensive data provided by premium background check platforms like BeenVerified without any fees is highly improbable. Investigating the leading free background check websites for additional details is advisable.

How Much Is a Background Check Louisiana?

TruthFinder and Intelius provide subscription services for background checks priced at $24-28 every month in Louisiana. Subscribing to their monthly membership allows unrestricted background checks throughout the subscription duration.

What Background Check Service Is Best for Louisiana?

Louisiana inhabitants in search of the finest background check service can turn to BeenVerified without hesitation. With an extensive repository of public records and user-friendly phone and email lookup features, it emerges as the premier choice.

In the same vein, TruthFinder clinches a solid second spot in Louisiana, courtesy of its intuitive interface and incorporation of a robust dark web exploration capability.

Bottom Line on Background Check Louisiana

Are you prepared to unveil the concealed realities of Louisiana, my comrade? Whether you're a daring corporate investigator, a pursuer of forgotten ties, or a protector of your own emotions, we possess the solution to open the gateway. 

However, be cautious, as navigating through background checks in Louisiana can be as perilous as navigating through a complex labyrinth. Envision commencing on an expedition, reaching out to governmental establishments one by one, presenting record inquiries, and observing your finances diminish at each stage.

But don't worry because we possess the key to your deliverance. Step into the domain of top-notch background check facilities for Louisiana!

Equipped with just the mention of your target individual's name, contact details, or residential address, these exceptional services will work their enchantment, summoning an all-inclusive report on Louisiana background checks that will expose the truth you pursue. Prepare yourself for an exploration like no other!

>> Run a Background Check Louisiana With BeenVerified >>

DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to decide about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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