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TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified

TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified – Features, Cost, & Reports Compared

In this era of modern technology, platforms like TruthFinder and BeenVerified have emerged as powerful resources for individuals in search of public records and background information. Both TruthFinder and BeenVerified specialize in offering comprehensive background checks that allow users to discover crucial details about individuals, such as their criminal records, traffic violations, contact details, and employment history.

When deciding between TruthFinder and BeenVerified, there are several factors to consider. These include the breadth and reliability of their databases, the user interface they provide, their pricing structure, as well as the specific features each platform offers.

If you're seeking a quick recommendation based on these factors, consider BeenVerified. This is due to its affordable pricing options which cater to various budgets. Additionally, it has garnered positive customer reviews for the reliable information provided.

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BeenVerified: At a Glance

Since its establishment in 2007, BeenVerified has established a strong presence in the industry and boasts extensive experience and stability. Users can conduct searches on individuals using various criteria such as name, phone number, email, or address. 

By gathering information from public records and social media platforms, comprehensive reports are generated. These reports encompass crucial details like criminal records, contact information, employment history, and educational background.

When evaluating this service's credibility, it’s imperative to consider a wide range of reviews. With over 1 million satisfied customers served by BeenVerified thus far, numerous users have expressed their appreciation for the value they continue to derive from using this platform.


  • The search for individuals produces thorough and detailed outcomes
  • Investigate unclaimed assets
  • The pricing structure is simple and clear


  • Search results may sometimes experience prolonged delays
  • It does not meet the criteria to be classified as a consumer reporting agency according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Canceling subscriptions may pose difficulties; cancellation before the start of the next month results in automatic monthly renewal of memberships


BeenVerified provides various subscription options, including one-month and three-month plans. Each plan comes with a 7-day trial and grants you the ability to conduct up to 100 reports per month.

  • Monthly subscription: $29.99 for a single month.
  • Quarterly subscription: $58.48, equivalent to $19.49 per month.

TruthFinder: At a Glance

TruthFinder is a useful tool for finding people, offering various search criteria such as name, phone number, address, and email address. It efficiently scans a large nationwide database of public records and compiles the information into an easy-to-read report. By accessing third-party databases with billions of records, the service ensures users receive comprehensive information in one convenient report.

In addition to its people search capabilities, TruthFinder also provides a Dark Web intelligence service. This service employs multiple surveillance methods to search through thousands of Dark Web data points, ensuring users' quality data protection.

With numerous positive reviews and an A rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), TruthFinder is highly regarded by its customers. Furthermore, their dedicated customer support department is always available to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.


  • In-depth outcomes encompassing records and social media profiles
  • Intuitive interface and mobile application
  • Cost-effective pricing options


  • Restricted to publicly available records, the possibility of incomplete or outdated information
  • Delayed responsiveness in customer service
  • Extra charge for downloading reports in PDF format


  1. One-month Subscription for Unlimited Reports: $28.05 per month (Membership auto-renews every 30 days unless canceled prior to the next term).
  2. Two-month Subscription for Unlimited Reports: $23.28 per month ($46.56 due initially, with auto-renewal every 60 days unless canceled prior to the next term).

A two-month membership works out to approximately $5 a week.

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TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified – Pricing & Features Comparison

BeenVerified and TruthFinder are recognized as two of the most commonly utilized search platforms, offering extensive background checks and people search functionalities. It’s vital to comprehend the differences between these services to identify which one aligns with your specific needs. In this article, we highlight seven notable contrasts between BeenVerified and TruthFinder.

Search Results Comparison

Search results play a pivotal role in search services as they directly impact the level of information accuracy and depth. Both BeenVerified and TruthFinder are reputable providers that offer extensive search results. Their reports cover a broad spectrum of data, such as criminal records, financial assets, social media profiles, and various other public records.


BeenVerified utilizes this functionality by offering users a wide range of search outcomes, enabling them to conveniently access diverse forms of public records.


TruthFinder takes advantage of this functionality by providing users with extensive reports that explore different aspects of a person's background, guaranteeing that users receive thorough and pertinent information.

Winner: TruthFinder is the top choice in this particular category because it delivers comprehensive and thorough results when searching for people.

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Data Sources Comparison - TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified

The reliability and wealth of information obtained through people's search services depend on the data sources used.


BeenVerified solely relies on public records to collect information, guaranteeing that users have the ability to access publicly accessible data for their searches.


TruthFinder enhances it’s search results by incorporating additional data from proprietary databases, complementing the information obtained from public records. This integration of comprehensive and detailed datasets provides a more enriched and thorough experience for users.

Winner: TruthFinder stands out in this category of features by utilizing data from it’s own exclusive databases, which enhances the depth and quality of the search results it provides.

BeenVerified Vs TruthFinder Data Reliability Comparison

Data reliability is crucial in people's search services to ensure users receive dependable information. Both BeenVerified and TruthFinder prioritize data reliability by offering the most up-to-date information possible sourced from public records.


TruthFinder takes it a step further by consistently updating its databases, guaranteeing that users receive the most up-to-date and trustworthy information possible.

Winner: With its dedication to regularly updating its database, TruthFinder has the advantage of providing dependable and current search results.

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TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified Pricing Comparison

The reliability and wealth of information obtained through people's search services depend on the data sources used.


BeenVerified provides a range of pricing options to suit different users' needs and budgets. These include subscription plans and one-time fees for individual searches, ensuring competitive rates for their services.


While TruthFinder's pricing may exceed that of BeenVerified, it offers users an array of powerful search tools and a vast collection of data.

Winner: TruthFinder is outdone by BeenVerified when it comes to pricing because of the availability of more affordable choices.

Ease of Use Comparison

User experience is greatly influenced by how easy it’s to use a people search service. Both BeenVerified and TruthFinder provide websites and mobile apps that are user-friendly, making them convenient to use.


With its user-friendly website and mobile app, BeenVerified provides a seamless experience for users to easily conduct searches and navigate the platform. The interface is intuitive, making it simple for individuals to access the information they need.


The user-friendly design of TruthFinder's platform prioritizes convenience, providing a range of advanced search options and extra features that streamline the task of locating precise information.

Winner: TruthFinder is the clear champion in this category due to it’s superior offering of features and a user-friendly interface, surpassing what BeenVerified has to offer.

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Regular Updates and Notifications Comparison

Both BeenVerified and TruthFinder provide frequent updates to their databases, ensuring that users receive up-to-date information on any modifications or fresh data.


BeenVerified ensures that its database is regularly updated to provide users with the most recent information available. Users can expect timely updates to the data they access through the platform.


TruthFinder not only updates its database regularly but also sends out email notifications to users when a new report is available or when information has been updated. This feature keeps users informed and allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Winner: TruthFinder's email notification feature gives users a convenient way to stay informed about changes and updates to their reports, setting it apart in terms of user engagement and convenience.

Customer Service Comparison

Customer satisfaction and user experience heavily rely on the quality of customer service. Although both BeenVerified and TruthFinder assist their customers, they adopt different methods in doing so.


BeenVerified emphasizes self-help resources such as FAQs and tutorials to assist users in navigating their platform and resolving queries independently.

You can get in touch with the customer service department seven days a week between the hours of 6:00 am and 11:30 pm Eastern Time by dialing the toll-free number 1-844-823-2869 and Fax: (212) 813-3276.


TruthFinder provides personalized customer service, offering direct assistance to users through various channels such as live chat, email, and phone support.

The number to call for assistance with customer service is (855) 921-3711, and the working hours are as follows: from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am until 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Winner: TruthFinder stands out for its personalized customer service, ensuring users receive prompt and tailored assistance as needed.

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Customer Reviews Comparison

The opinions and experiences shared by customers regarding BeenVerified and TruthFinder are diverse.


BeenVerified has received a variety of feedback from customers on Trustpilot. Some users praise it’s user-friendly interface and the thoroughness of its reports. On the other hand, there are those who are dissatisfied with the accuracy and promptness of the information provided. Based on Trustpilot reviews, BeenVerified has been given a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.


TruthFinder has generated a range of viewpoints from customers on Trustpilot. Some individuals value its comprehensive background screenings and user-friendly interface, while others express doubts about its pricing structure and the accuracy of its reports. In general, TruthFinder has been given a rating of 2.2 out of 5 stars according to reviews on Trustpilot.

Winner: According to customer feedback on Trustpilot, BeenVerified has come out on top with a higher rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, surpassing TruthFinder's rating of 2.2 stars. While both services have their pros and cons, online reviews suggest that customers are generally more satisfied with BeenVerified.

Alternative Background Check Sites

There are choices available for websites that conduct background checks.


PeopleLooker is a valuable resource when you need to conduct background checks or find information about individuals quickly and conveniently. It can be used in various scenarios, such as reconnecting with old friends or classmates or even conducting due diligence before entering into personal or professional relationships. 

PeopleLooker provides access to public records, including criminal records, contact information, and social media profiles, making it a useful tool for individuals and businesses alike to gather relevant information about people they interact with.


  • Comprehensive search findings
  • Intuitive interface for users
  • Integration of social media and genealogy search functionalities


  • Enhancements are needed in customer service
  • Streamlining request processing time is necessary
  • Additional fees are incurred for specific information


  • 1 Month: $23.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $19.19 per month, billed as $57.57
  • Trial: $1 for a 7-day trial membership allowing you to run 100 reports per month

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Intelius is a comprehensive people search tool that is particularly useful when you need in-depth information about individuals for personal or public reasons. It’s commonly used for background checks during the process to verify employment history, education credentials, and criminal records of potential candidates. 

Intelius can also assist individuals in locating lost relatives or friends, conducting genealogical research, or even investigating suspicious activities. With access to extensive databases and reliable data sources, Intelius enables users to make informed decisions and gain insights into the backgrounds of individuals they’re interested in.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick search results
  • Vast record archive


  • Customer service availability is limited
  • Pricing may cause confusion
  • Reports are occasionally incomplete


Intelius provides a range of membership options, which consist of:

  • Monthly People Search Subscription: $24.86 per month, or
  • Bi-Monthly People Search Subscription: $21.13 per month
  • Reverse Phone Lookup + People Search: 5-Day Trial for $0.95, then $34.95 per month
  • Address Lookup: 7-Day Trial for $0.95, then $34.95 per month

Aside from these plans, Intelius also provides several supplementary services, including:

  • Report files are available for download at $3.99 each
  • Subscription options for Intelius Identity Protect: Monthly at $9.95 or Yearly at $119.40

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses seeking to obtain detailed background information about specific individuals quickly and efficiently. It’s frequently used by individuals to ensure their safety when forming new personal connections. 

Instant Checkmate provides access to a wide range of public records, including criminal records, arrest warrants, court documents, and more, allowing users to verify identities, uncover hidden pasts, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive background checks. 

Whether for personal safety or professional purposes, Instant Checkmate offers a convenient solution for accessing reliable information about individuals in various situations.


  • Perfect for browsing through property records
  • Remarkably precise
  • Intuitive mobile app


  • Loading time for reports may vary
  • Absence of the capability to generate reports individually
  • Customer service ratings are lower compared to similar services


Instant Checkmate provides a choice between two membership options: Person Reports and Phone Reports.

  • A one-month membership for Person Reports costs $35.12, while a three-month membership costs $28.09 monthly
  • Phone Reports are priced at $5.99 per month
  • Additional services provided by Instant Checkmate include downloadable report files for $3.99 and dark web monitoring for $1.99 per month

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Bottom Line

In summary, when contemplating the comparison between TruthFinder and BeenVerified, the decision ultimately rests on individual requirements and preferences. 

BeenVerified presents a user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing, catering to those who prioritize simplicity and budget-friendliness. On the other hand, TruthFinder offers more extensive background checks and access to a wider range of public records, rendering it perfect for individuals in search of detailed information. 

Ultimately, the preferred platform hinges on whether the user values depth of information or ease of use and affordability.

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