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It’s now simpler than ever to find someone with very little information thanks to social media, search engines, and other background check websites. TruthFinder is a top choice when looking for a reliable background check service.

The good and the bad of using TruthFinder, a public records search engine, are discussed in this article. TruthFinder is our top pick for background check sites because of its competitive pricing, stellar reputation for accuracy, and lightning-fast record queries. All the essentials of a solid background check service are present there.

TruthFinder Review – Is TruthFinder Legit?

We understand that before purchasing TruthFinder, you want to be certain of its efficacy. Or maybe you have doubts about TruthFinder’s reliability. After all, it’s a rather audacious claim to say that you can quickly have access to potentially shocking information about almost anybody.

We’re happy to reassure you, however, that TruthFinder is all it claims to be (and more). Sincerity is at the heart of TruthFinder. Read on to learn about the kinds of details that may be discovered in a TruthFinder report, how our service works, and how to find data that’s difficult to find using a search engine like Google.

Since its inception in 2015, TruthFinder has made it much easier to track down individuals online. This resource provides easy access to background information, including social media accounts, educational and employment verification, vehicle history reports, and criminal records.

Instead of using a computer, you may use the mobile app.


  • Protection of personal information 
  • Membership packages that may be adjusted 
  • User-friendly
  • Exact to a high degree


  • Lacks a free trial or report options

If you need to do a reverse phone lookup, background check, email lookup, or even just a basic search, TruthFinder is your best option right now.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data at hand, you should only employ a background check provider that can be relied upon. To find out what you’ve been missing, try TruthFinder now.

TruthFinder Review: What Can You Do With It?

TruthFinder has several possible applications. It’s easy to pick up and use, and its fundamental characteristics ensure that your anonymity is always protected. If you need to track down a certain person but don’t want them to suspect your motives, this is the way to go.

Just a few of the numerous reasons why TruthFinder is the most reliable platform for doing background checks are listed below.

Comprehensive Background Reports

Sorting through millions of public data to understand the most fundamental information about a person may be a tedious and time-consuming process, but it’s worth it if you need to find a person by name, join a carpool, or make a good first impression at work.

TruthFinder is, without a doubt, one of the greatest methods to research someone’s history. It’s easy to find out who someone is if you have their name, email address, or phone number.

The following data may be found in background checks:

  • The profiles you use on social media
  • Statistics on criminal activity and traffic violations
  • Information for getting in touch
  • Individuals who might serve as housemates, friends, relatives, or acquaintances
  • Vital statistics registrations
  • Background on the labor and learning scene

TruthFinder may give you the courage to strike up a conversation with someone about whom you know nothing. Self-checking tools allow you to discover how much information about you is currently available online. The information gathered in background checks is provided in an easy-to-understand manner.

Discover a Person’s Criminal History

Checking up on a person’s criminal history on TruthFinder.com will get you this information.

  • Justification of what went down
  • Place of arrest and scene of crime
  • Which kind of fee
  • Alleged violation time and date
  • Name of court and file number

You may also find out whether a person is a sex offender if you so choose. Users of the TruthFinder app may also learn the whereabouts of other sexual predators in their neighborhood.

This might be an invaluable tool for families relocating to a new area with children and a need to familiarize them with the local schools and community. There may be less anxiety among parents when they’re informed of any risks their children may be exposed to.

Reestablish Family Connections

The dynamics of families are famously challenging. TruthFinder might be the key to reuniting you with your long-lost family members. The app’s “Find My Family” function makes it simple to locate potential relatives based on shared genetic heritage, regardless of their physical proximity to you.

An unpleasant aunt may have piqued your interest, but you may also feel a strong want to reconnect with other pleasant relatives. One of your second cousins may have vanished without leaving a contact or a forwarding address. You may feel safe using TruthFinder without worrying about others finding out or old grudges being reignited.

Client feedback on TruthFinder’s Find My Family service includes, “TruthFinder was incredibly helpful when my adopted buddy wished to get in contact with her extended biological family.”

She had a bad time with her birth parents but needed their information to find other relatives. Such an instance inspired the development of this tool.

Reconnect With Old Friends

It’s simpler than ever to reconnect with old friends and family members thanks to social media, yet many individuals still don’t have accounts or don’t use them very often. You may spend an infinite amount of time searching for them but you will never find them. Once again, TruthFinder can come in handy.

This public records search engine may help you track down folks and figure out whether they’re the kind of people you want to get in contact with. Look them up in the database first to make sure they haven’t changed or started doing something you wouldn’t want them to.

The person you’re stalking will know you’re looking for them if you add them as a friend on Facebook or start following them on Instagram. Take a look at your options with the help of TruthFinder and choose the best one.

Strengthened Sense of Security

Locking the doors, making an effort to get to know the parents of your children’s classmates, and keeping an eye on their return from school are all measures you do to ensure their safety.

You should also think about the valuables you own and how they will be safeguarded after your death. Everyone is concerned about the safety of the place they call home.

If you’re moving to a new region or recently gained new neighbors, TruthFinder may be a useful resource for learning more about them and gauging your sense of safety in the new community.

Know Your Date

In today’s dating landscape, precaution is paramount. Meeting in person is the next obvious step after striking up a conversation with someone you’ve only ever spoken to online. Both you and your date should feel secure and at ease when out on the town.

TruthFinder is a great tool for finding out more about a person before going on a date with them. Before going on a date, you may use TruthFinder to find out as much as you can about your prospective partner.

You may check someone’s criminal record before you become serious with them romantically. If your date has used a pseudonym or has changed addresses repeatedly, they may not be who they say they are.

TruthFinder has a leg up since it doesn’t have to guess the answers to these questions. You may be more prepared and have more to speak about before the date becomes crazy.

Improve Your Online Reputation

Both you and other people may benefit from TruthFinder’s person-finding skills. Anyone can find your facts with a quick Google search, so be honest and constructive in your presentation. Information published online may be accessible indefinitely, but you control the details that are made public.

Ten years have passed since we all made our first Facebook status updates, and most of us have matured in some manner over that time. TruthFinder has the potential to be a useful tool for locating and removing unwanted or humiliating information found on the internet.

Using TruthFinder may help you clean your name and get the job you desire. Make sure the information is correct and search for any hidden allusions to the past. Like acquiring a paper credit report and making a few changes to it, this is similar to a digital one.

TruthFinder Features

Dark Web Scan

Because of the uncomfortable nature of the dark web, most people would prefer that their personal information not be discovered there. Due to the vast amount of data available on the dark web, many people are keen to do a search in order to verify that their personal details are not publicly public.

Thankfully, they may use TruthFinder’s Dark Web Scan to do just that. This feature was created to help people figure out whether they’ve been the victim of identity theft or if their data has been hacked in any way.

As the world becomes more interconnected online and more processes are moved online, identity theft is becoming a real threat that people must address. It’s become a serious risk to people’s privacy and the private details of their life.

Thankfully, this feature was added to TruthFinder with the express intention of helping users. Dark web users also have the option of narrowing their searches to include just the material they find most relevant to them.

A successful search for your data may be possible using this technique. A few of the available options are as follows:

  • Specifics on how to get in contact with them
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted
  • Accounting digits
  • Number to call
  • An official driving permit that’s still valid
  • Identifier found in a passport
  • This is the phone number you need to use
  • Personalized medical histories
  • Number related to social security
  • Membership or gift cards for usage in stores
  • TruthFinder will go through websites, social media feeds, chat rooms, forums, file-sharing networks, and more in its deep web search 

TruthFinder Customer Support 

Is TruthFinder legit? Despite its support employees being accessible for a limited window of time, TruthFinder’s customer service is excellent. On weekdays, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Pacific Time, is the only time you can reach a real person.

Despite this being less than ideal, clients still have access to support throughout all business hours, every single day of the week. This is more than can be said for many other, similarly situated companies. TruthFinder does not offer support on the weekends or after hours, although there is a helpful FAQ section with solutions to frequently asked problems.

There’s a good chance that you can find the answers to your questions there, eliminating the need to get in contact with customer support.

Safety and Security With TruthFinder

Maintaining a high degree of safety and security is of the utmost significance when working with a website like TruthFinder that has access to a great amount of personal information. The good news is that TruthFinder does a decent job in this respect.

They protect all data transmissions by encrypting every single piece of data they transfer over the network. This ensures the safety of the data they have about you as a customer.

To answer the question of whether is TruthFinder legit, it is important to note that the website constantly examines any criminal activity, such as hackers, since they have access to a vast amount of information. This ensures that sensitive client information is kept private and cannot be tampered with by hackers.

That is to say, TruthFinder is careful with your personal information and provides trustworthy information.

Reverse Phone Lookup

By using the “reverse phone” feature, anybody may discover the identity of the owner of an unknown number. The TruthFinder feature is often regarded as one of the most popular since users often get calls from unknown numbers. When this happens, it’s probably a good idea to find out who owns it.

When it comes to getting a contact number. Yes, since it can access public data to get the contact number. There will be no additional information needed from the user outside the phone number, making this a very convenient and easy-to-understand service.

Is TruthFinder legit? A search using this service may provide the owner’s full name, as well as any additional names or aliases the owner may use. Further, a photo of the person in issue may be seen at any time. Last but not least, anyone may get a list of names of former owners of that number.

All of this information may be used to one’s benefit if one is interested in learning more about who is contacting them and, presumably, why.

TruthFinder Review From Real Users

In order to save you some time, we read through hundreds of internet TruthFinder reviews to find out what actual users thought of the service based on their own experiences. Find out whether TruthFinder is a legitimate service.

There have been some complaints about the service, namely the number of commercials, while others have appreciated the service overall. TruthFinder is the most trusted and widely used background check service on the market today.

TruthFinder Cost

Many individuals want to know whether Is TruthFinder free to use. No, that’s the short and easy answer. TruthFinder is the industry standard in background checks. It provides expensive but precise outcomes.

The price of TruthFinder is as follows:

The monthly fee of TruthFinder’s People Search package is $28.05. Pricing for the service’s reverse lookup options begins at $4.99 per month for the Reverse Email Lookup plan and $29.73 per month for the Reverse Phone Lookup plan. If you need access to the report’s digital files, you’ll have to shell up $3.99 once. The extra monthly fee for dark web monitoring is $2.99.

How to Understand TruthFinder Pricing 

The pricing structure of TruthFinder is rather opaque. You’ll have to attempt a background check yourself and then wait a few minutes until your report is generated if you want to know how much the service costs.

You can’t get your hands on this data any other way. Then, before you can see the desired report, a pricing page will be shown. Companies like Instant Checkmate illustrate that unfortunately, this is the norm by using the same pricing structure.

Instead of paying a one-time cost for a background check, TruthFinder requires a monthly membership. For the price of this subscription, you may access any amount of reports. The price is $28.05, or $46.56 for two months, bringing the yearly total down to $23.28.

The TruthFinder’s website is also set up to give limited-time deals, like five reports for a dollar or a single report for free, to its users without the need for a subscription. One of the largest drawbacks of the service is the lack of a discounted yearly subscription.

Alternatives to TruthFinder

If you’re wondering if TruthFinder is legit and want to find out more information about a friend, business colleague, or acquaintance, multiple websites can be consulted. We’ve done the legwork and compiled some alternatives to TruthFinder so you can narrow down your search.

Background checks are a specialty of PeopleFinders, a company that has been in business since 1999. This program is similar to TruthFinder in that it allows users to research many aspects of an individual’s history, such as their criminal record, family tree, and demographic data.

The website’s search engines can help you find whatever you need, from entire criminal records to contact information and beyond. These are some of the ways in which Instant Checkmate and PeopleFinders are alike:

  • The cheapest Intelius report or search results will cost you only $0.95. Both plans’ monthly premiums are fair, however, the more comprehensive one makes sense.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses for contacting customer service are provided by both companies. While Intelius may be the clear winner when it comes to customer care, you can expect a response time of no more than 24 hours from either company.
  • Either service will let you research a person’s background, including their criminal record, address, and family members. Results from both services should be similar since they share the same infrastructure.


PeopleFinders makes it easier to access data that’s already available to the public by indexing more than a billion documents online. Find individuals quickly and easily without paying any money.

It’s possible to discover any person’s address and phone number by searching public data. PeopleFinders may ask you to answer some questions before narrowing your results. While an “I don’t know” answer is acceptable, more information is needed to undertake a focused inquiry.

  • Both iOS and Android versions of the software are available
  • Most effective search tool for narrowing down your search results

Instant Checkmate

To learn more about a person’s history, you may use Instant Checkmate’s person search tool. When considering whether or not TruthFinder is legit, there are a few key distinctions between it and Instant Checkmate that should be taken into account.

  • Data sources: While Instant Checkmate relies on public documents and social media, TruthFinder relies on government databases and other public records.
  • Accuracy: TruthFinder is preferred over Instant Checkmate because of its reputation for giving the most current and accurate data possible.
  • Price: In comparison to Instant Checkmate, the price of TruthFinder is much higher.
  • Features: When comparing Instant Checkmate with TruthFinder, the former provides more comprehensive capabilities including access to criminal and arrest records, while the latter focuses on providing the bare minimum in background checks and public record information.

Both services offer advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the ideal one for you comes down to your individual preferences and financial situation.

Things To Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

Using a reliable service to verify one’s history may be beneficial in many ways. There was a time when it was impractical and costly to look into someone’s criminal past or that of a prospective employer. Having information readily available is quite helpful.

It may be used to research a new acquaintance, as well as one’s own and one’s family history. A person’s name, address, phone number, and even the names of their relatives can all be discoverable via an internet search.

Reasons why most services would offer you the choice to share your data with the provider include the ease with which people search sites, such as background check services, are available to the general public. It could be difficult to test for opt-out status.

However, this might really work in your favor, since some companies provide their staff access to an online reputation management system at any time.

Final Thoughts on TruthFinder Review

TruthFinder can help you learn more about the people that catch your eye by doing extensive background checks. If you have questions about a former partner or want to find out who received the promotion instead of you, the information on this site may be able to help.

With the widespread availability of free people-finding search engines on home computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, there’s no longer any need for a central database of public records.

It stands out among similar services due to its dedicated mobile app which makes it easy to access social media data. There’s no need to be concerned about being detected since all searches are conducted in complete privacy and anonymity. There’s nothing like TruthFinder out there, so go ahead and get it today.